First of all congratulations for your 3–0 performance, You made a good start. Even though you had two new members in the team, You managed to win all of the three matches. What can You tell about 3–0 week and making it while trying to adapt two new members?

We had a very good preparation for the 3–0 week. Scrims went well and we identified the meta nicely. We were fast to synergize with the new members.

How is your synergy with Trymbi? When You rank bot lane duos what do You think about your position?

My synergy with Trymbi is getting better by the time goes on. We are always trying to improve together as a duo and so far we are pretty good. I can see that there’s much more room to improve for us. It’s very early to say IMO but we are not scared of any particular duo.

What is your opinion about current meta? How does ADC’s influence the team compositions with current meta?

I think the meta could be easier to snowball than previous one. I personally enjoy ADC much more. Once you have one item, it’s quite broken like Aphelios, Kai’sa… So I feel like I can impact the team much more.

You have been performing stable and good for a long period of time. What is the main reason for that success? What do You think about your current level?

The main reasons of that success is how i improved my lifestyle, my mindset, habits, my psychological skill and game skill. I would say that I was very driven during 2020 to come back at the top also staying very focussed on things that I thought didn’t really matter such as relaxing, recovering, feeling fresh. Also Rogue’s sport psychologist’s Isma been a huge help for me in that regard.

Last season you seemed compatible with Vander and You have played with experienced players throughout your career but this season you are playing with Trymbi. How does it feel to play with rookie support. Do You think Trymbi — Hans Sama are going to have good synergy as Vander — Hans Sama?

It feels nice to play with Trymbi, he’s a very nice guy and a very skilled one. I think it’s gonna depend on how good we will keep working with each other. Synergy doesn’t appear like this easily, we just have to keep practicing and fight together.

On the previous days, You extended contact until the end of the 2022? What was the main reason for taking that decision?

The main reason is that I feel very confident being successful in that team. Also the environment setup, the people that are there, it’s awesome.

What is your career goal with/without Rogue? What is the most desired goal that You have in the esport career?

I want to win trophies. I want to go as far as I can. I want to become a very good player in EU/world.

In spite of playing in a competitive stage for a long period of time you are still pretty young. Does playing LoL still pleasure You? How much period of time do You think that we are able to see Hans Sama on stage?

Right now I enjoy LoL more than ever before. I learnt how to think properly to follow my goals. It’s clear in my head what i want to do and being able to become a better person. Just with the help of my carrier around LoL makes me feel that i want to stay as long as i can. I for sure am better than I ever was as a player.

Thank you the fans, that cheers for Rogue and me. We will keep fighting to make everyone proud! Be happy.

Interview: Nazlı Özmen